Getting back to hobby stuff

October 22, 2010 at 12:46 am 1 comment

For me, hobby stuff seems to be feast or famine.  I’ve got to paint and build more this week than I have in the past three months combined.

First, I got back a box from Tristan who offered to paint up a mini for me.  Well, I opened it up and here’s what was inside…

The assassin looks great.  I love the studded leather.  He paints with a series of washes and the results are great.  Washes are one area that I’m extremely weak in, so I admire the skill that it takes to use them well.
Here’s the guy ready to shank some unsuspecting beastman.
I’m slowly but surely working on my Athenian army.  I love the Black Tree Design minis, but sometimes things go out of stock and take months to be filled.  My last order was partially filled in a week, but the other half took 5 months, and it still isn’t complete (with just some cavalry minis left to be shipped to me).  John over there is a super nice guy and throws in extra stuff whenever we have an order snafu, but it seems like I’ve been having a lot recently.  Word around the Intarweb is I’m not alone in my experience, although I have never had them take my money and give me nothing.  I always get it, just not in the timeframe I’d expect.
Anyways, here’s 5 members of the phallanx, and a couple of slingers.  They still need shields and spears done.
I’m also slowly painting the Vampire Count BSB.  I’ve had this one for so long and someone is waiting on me to get it back to them, so I feel awful that I’ve still got it.  The skin and shirt is done, so just the details, sword and banner left to do.
This evening, just for something different, I painted up one of the dragons that came with the Descent board game.  The game is fun (although it takes forever and there are a million tokens involved) but the minis are pretty sweet.  You get a good selection of larger monsters.
Here he is with that same beastman for scale.
I’m not quite sure why the dragon has 4 arms (two are attached to the wings, but it’s still a little weird) but overall it was fun to paint.

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Back from vacation October 2010 Painting Statistics

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  • 1. Tristan  |  October 22, 2010 at 1:54 am

    Dragon looks awesome Dave!

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