I hate assembling miniatures

May 10, 2010 at 2:37 pm Leave a comment

So I was planning on getting some painting done tonight, but that plan didn’t work out due to a calling from Plants vs Zombies, which is so addicting it should be made illegal.  So instead I decided to assemble some lizardmen from Dragonblood Miniatures (who I guess were recently bought out by Cavalcade Wargames, so for now the minis aren’t available).  They are definitely cool looking, but they come in 5 parts each (body, weapon hand, shield arm, tail, scenic base) and require some modeling skill to assemble.  I have no modelling skill, so it was proving a little difficult.  Plus, my pin vice bit broke off in an Athenian foot a month or two ago and I still haven’t replaced it.  So with no pinning, I’m stuck assembling the models with super glue and ProCreate.  Only time will tell if they are sturdy enough to use on the gaming table.  I suppose I should just bite the bullet and get another drill bit…

It’s hard to type when my left pointer finger sticks to every key I hit, due to some sloppily applied superglue. 

Overall they should be fun to paint.  They are rather large (none of those sissy man sized lizardmen for me!) but I enjoy them.  Here they are next to a Reaper heroic 28mm scale figure and one of the gunmen painted from EM4 miniatures.

I’ve also been rather inspired by the terrain by Ian over at Wargamers Workbench, in particular the dangerous encounters.   I’m slowly working through some pulp jungle goodness, so the spike traps and the carved native statues hold a particular appeal.  Mayhaps it’s finally time to start the jungle project in full, rather than just halfheartedly painting the occasional mini for it…

I also had a minor painting disaster that is going to put me back for a couple of days.  While trying in vain to clean my painting desk I accidently knocked over my cup that holds all the paintbrushes.  My nice detail brish took a faceplant and had a cup fall on top of it, so the tip is now splayed out all over the place.  No more painting eyes for me…  I’ve got a batch of painting supplies on order, so until it comes in I’m stuck either drybrushing or just blocking out colors.


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