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November 21, 2009 at 6:14 am Leave a comment

So you may be wondering, who in the world is that Bobbo guy and why should I send him my miniatures?  Can he even paint?  Is what I get back going to be so bad that I’m going to have to strip the paint off it and repair the hideous ugliness?

These are all good questions.  Some of which I’m not sure I have the answer to.

So here is my painting resume.  This is just a selection of things that I’ve painted over the past couple of years.  I’m going to try to put them in order for you somewhat, so you can see my development (or lack thereof…) as a painter.

The Beginning (or, Good ol’ generic fantasy figures)

These were some of the first miniatures that I ever painted.  You’ll notice that:

1) They aren’t very good.  (You’ll just have to deal with it for now.  Sorry)

2) They are mostly unfinished.  (This is a continuing trend throughout my work.  Hence the motivational issue)

You can click on any picture for a larger view, although I can’t see why you would want to.

How’d a super hero make his way into the mix?  No idea.

The Pulp stage

Something appeals to me about Pulp gaming.  We will see if I ever have time to get any actual games in.

Back to fantasy

As I improved a little, I started trying to get different effects to my figures.  Like a dirty, trail worn samurai.  Not sure that it works very well.

Want to guess what I’m currently painting?  That’s right.  Crazed cannibal natives for pulp gaming.  I’m hoping to get a game going over Christmas, but it will mean a lot of painting needs to get done. We will have to see how that goes.


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